Year 4/5 Adventure Camp

Bronwyn WilsonLearning, Proof of the pudding, Special Events, Sport and extra curricula

Term 1 was definitely a busy one for the Year 4/5 students! We decided that camp at the beginning of the year would be a fabulous start to form new friendships and assist in developing a strong and positive atmosphere for all. The camp environment allowed a stronger bond to develop between the students and also the teachers. Our chosen camp program focused on building resilience, leadership and teamwork. This fitted perfectly into our unit of inquiry: Who we are. Active Ed ran this brilliant program and our students responded with enthusiasm and openness.

Day one began with finding our dorm buddies and forming groups for the day’s activities. We participated in a tangram grouping activity and created a celebratory chant together. On the oval we enjoyed a variety of activities, which developed our resilience and teamwork skills. Capture the flag followed and was a crowd favourite.

Our camp leaders had some great stories to tell and we loved listening to conundrums and using deep thinking to figure out the answers.

Meal times were always going to be a highlight! The students showed such amazing manners and responsibility during serving and cleaning up times.

Day two unfolded with the making of damper, brain games and a most memorable Koala Creek obstacle course.

Evening activities were buzzing with students showing off their dance skills to ‘Just Dance’, a quiz night, hide and seek in the dark with torches and some very special devotion times.

On our last day, we ensured every minute was savoured. From a bush walk with blackberry and fig picking, to geocaching and a last minute trip to the Stirling playground.

We thank everyone involved, especially the students who made this camp a successful and unforgettable experience. We know that during this time they developed self-reliance and life skills and memories throughout the activities and challenges presented.

Lauran Clayton and Rebecca Geue

Yr 4/5 Teachers