When Aesop went pop!

Bronwyn WilsonMusic

What do Aesop and the Beatles have in common? Nothing … unless you combine them to create a witty musical presentation that teaches a lesson!

St Peters Lutheran Church was transformed into a Grecian amphitheatre last week as students from St Peters presented their whole-school musical Roll Over Dear Aesop.

Inspired by the style of playwright Peter Nuttall, Room B (Year 7) students adapted several of the well-known fables by the Greek storyteller, Aesop, into clever comedic sketches. The moral of each sketch was explained set to the tune of popular Beatles songs.

The students rock-and-rolled their way through the stories of The Sun and the Wind (we wish we were having that heat wave in August, Archimedes!), The Hare and the Tortoise, The Lion and the Mouse, The Boy Who Cried ‘Wolf’ and The Body and its Parts, each introduced by Aesop himself!

“I loved how they used classic Beatles tunes that we all know and love, and put their twist on it, to tell the story” said past student and audience member Rhiannon.

“Another great musical presentation from St Peters: sharing classic tales in a way that people of all ages can relate to” said another audience member.

Played to packed houses at three performances over two days, Roll Over Dear Aesop left audiences with a renewed appreciation for both the ancient tales and ‘classic-rock’ music.

In the PYP we believe that learning is best when it is relevant to the child and is connected to other areas of the curriculum. Even the musical fits with our learning! The idea for this musical came from the Year 7 unit of inquiry: Where we are in time and place where they studied ancient civilizations. They used the knowledge gained from this unit to design the set, costumes and even write the script!

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