The Truth About Dinosaurs!

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St Peters Lutheran School offers a wonderfully broad and diverse curriculum that allows students to use creativity, critical thinking and extend their areas of interest. In past Inside Stories w
e have followed the journeys of various old scholars and in this week’s edition we focus on a past student that has excelled in one of  his areas of interest.

We were very excited to see that the work of one of our old scholars has been published in the acclaimed CSIRO publication, Double Helix (1 March 2017, Issue 14).

Last year, Tasman Dixon – a graduating scholar in 2014 and wonderful critical thinker, had noticed some inaccuracies in a Double Helix (Issue 8) article about dinosaurs.  Tasman is the brother to our very own Ronan (Yr 6) and Yolanna (Yr 2).

He took appropriate action, exercised his right to a voice and wrote to the editor, discussing the inaccuracies and how the article might be improved.  This wonderful editor took Tasman’s advice on board and invited Tasman to contribute to the publication with his own artwork.  Tasman’s work was viewed, verified and commended by internationally renowned scientists in Canberra and has now been published in the latest March edition of Double Helix. 

We are so pleased and proud to share with you this impressive example of critical thinking, action and talent by one of our lovely students.