The many benefits of singing in a choir!

Bronwyn WilsonLearning, Music, Special Events

The Southern Metro Music Festival (SMMF) is a school based music education program.​  The program reaches hundreds of primary children annually and allows children opportunities to perform at the Hopgood Theatre.

This year, St Peters Lutheran joined the SMMF. With a choir of 21, we combined with other schools in the southern region to sing a wonderful repertoire of songs. Four of our students were fortunate to be selected for solo and host roles. Olivia Anderson, Chelsea Adams, Madeleine McNicol and Jaiden Smith represented our school beautifully and are to be commended for their hard work, commitment and attitude.

The commissioned work for this year, written by Adelaide song writer Mark Ferguson,  celebrated the history of North Terrace. Songs such as “Cheesegrater” and “When you look in their eyes” became favourites giving the choristers valuable knowledge about our city and its icons.

As part of the festival, each school designed a banner for each of the songs in the 2018 series. The creativity and thought displayed through these banners was one of the highlights for the children and  concert goers alike.

This year for the SMMF we split the choir into sopranos and altos. The sound the choir made when singing in two part harmony was just beautiful!  Throughout the year students were introduced to musical notation, terms and general knowledge. The musical knowledge gained, came naturally on a needs to know basis. “What are the black dots on the page?” “Where does it tell us we need to get louder?” “What does ‘ds al coda’ mean?” The students were immersed in the music and were eager to learn more.

Being a member of a choir has so many benefits! The students have experienced the discipline required to concentrate for long periods of time, collaboration, perseverance, accountability, confidence, resilience, improved academic performance and a sense of community- just to name a few! In striving for excellence together and individually, students worked together towards a common goal and had a lot of fun in the process!

What a privilege to be involved in such a wonderful event!

Bronwyn Wilson