Welcome to St Peters Lutheran with food!

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The beginning of a new school year is always an exciting time, especially having the opportunity to welcome the new members of our school community! And nothing says welcome more than a 3-course candle lit mea l with wine and excellent conversation. This year we have gone back to the future and reinvigorated an old tradition here at St Peters.  In … Read More

ALWS Awareness Day 2016 – Goodness Grows Our planet. Our people. Our purpose.

Bronwyn WilsonFaith in Action, Social issues

Students from Years 4, 5, 6 and 7 worked actively and collaboratively in a day-long workshop on Tuesday, 15th March, learning about climate change on the planet, how it is affecting the lives of people and how to support action taken to grow equity and social justice.  Our visiting expert, Julie Krause from Australian Lutheran World Service, led all the … Read More

Mathematics – Discovering The Science of Beautiful Pattern

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At St Peters we help our students to see Mathematics has a subject which searches for, studies and describes pattern.  Making sense of mathematics relies on an understanding of the patterns which underlie it. By seeking patterns, students are building knowledge as well as learning to function in a mathematical way.  “Pattern is not a topic but rather a process … Read More

Connect, Grow and Flourish…Well-being at St Peters Lutheran and beyond!

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Well-being is alive and flourishing at St Peters Lutheran. Our programme focusses on bringing wholeness and wellness through connecting and engaging with people within a supporting and loving Christian community. It’s also a lot of fun! In very broad terms, well-being can be described as the quality of a person’s life. Schools, in partnership with families, have a pivotal role … Read More

Year 7s are our PALs (Play At Lunch)

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At St Peters we value student leadership and aim to develop this in all our students as they progress through the school. Our Years 7’s have a special leadership role within the school and are encouraged to be role models by exhibiting exemplary behaviour and attitude towards others and our environment. As a part of our Year 7 leadership programme, … Read More

Coding, apps and BYOD – developing 21st century learners

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Technology in the classroom St Peters Blackwood

These students might appear to be having far too much fun playing computer games, but, in reality, they’re hard at work using logic, maths and creativity to design their own apps. That’s right … their own apps.

Find out how the students in Room 1 (Year 5) are delving into the world of programming. *Includes videos*