Sustainability @ St Peters

Bronwyn WilsonAround the grounds, Community Action, Learning

The school’s journey into sustainable practices was ignited last year with a visit from Toby from Groundswell Education. Toby engaged the students in a process where we audited the amount of waste we were producing as a school and from this audit created an action plan to develop the areas that needed improvement. The children were able to input their thoughts, goals and hopes for sustainability at the school, which included worm farms, chickens and waste free Wednesdays. This year, we have been working hard on our action plan and seeing excellent results!

To ensure we retained traction and student interest in our journey in sustainability, Mrs Jakube offered a sustainability group as part of our special interest offerings for 2020. What formed was a very passionate group of children committed to ensuring we have sustainable practices embedded within our school community.

A practice that needed attention was our waste collection. We have removed all bins from the school yard, apart from a pod of bins, so the children can separate recyclables from soft plastics and land fill. We have managed to reduce the number of bins that are collected weekly by the Mitcham Council. What an achievement!

Our worm farms are up and running and producing lots of worm juice to facilitate the new growth around the school. We have some hungry little worms working hard to break down all the food scraps collected at brain break and recess time. Over time we will use the worm juice to help grow our new garden beds down in the St Peters Scrub.

The chickens are very much loved by the students in our school and in return they show their love for us by laying at least 3 eggs each day. The money raised from selling the eggs to staff and parents will go into buying the seedlings to start our vege patches! The staff have also enjoyed a few lovely morning teas putting the eggs to good use in cakes and brownies!

As part of a community project earlier in the year, we have garden beds ready for seeds to be planted. The sustainability group are researching the best seasonal plants and will all go to a local nursery to buy the seeds! Isn’t it wonderful how our practices all work together?

Wednesday is ‘Waste free Wednesday’, an initiative started this term by the sustainability group, where children are encouraged to leave the waste at home and find more sustainable ways to bring their food to school.

We’ve achieved so much! It’s amazing what we can create together, with the same shared vision and goals.