St Peters Success!

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Health and Physical Education is a highly valued part of the curriculum at St Peters Lutheran. Each individual child is catered for in the pursuit of success for all. No matter what their ability, students are able to access learning at their own level. Whilst ensuring that students feel safe and have positive experiences within the physical domain, we also allow for those students who excel in the area to shine. Sapsasa is one of the avenues where highly skillful students can further extend themselves and compete at another level.

We are both extremely proud and excited to have won the Sapsasa District Athletics day for the second year in a row. The students worked hard and achieved some excellent results, with many personal bests achieved and some great stories of courage and persistence. Six of our athletes have earned themselves a place in the district team to compete at the State Championships later in the month.

Success in sport is a wonderful feeling that we have thoroughly enjoyed. The foundations of this success is in our classrooms where all students engage with, enjoy and develop knowledge and skills. Our goal is to grow our students into healthy, active adults who are confident and willing participants in physical activities.

Penny Rawinski

PE & Health Teacher