St Peters’ Students have their say…

Bronwyn WilsonLearning

We are very proud of our people at St Peters Lutheran and our people are very proud of our school! Our students have taken some time out of their busy learning schedule to reflect on our school and what makes it unique and special.

From Mrs Watkins’ Year 3/4 class:     

 “The teachers care for and help the kids like we are part of their family!”

“I love that we are sustainable and have worm farms and chickens to care for”.

 “Our school is small and you don’t get lost. Everyone knows each other”.

“St Peters is a small community so everyone knows everyone.”  Hayley, Year 7

“I love the trees around our school and the whole outside area.” Imogen, Reception

“The teachers teach us in fun ways.”  Penny, Year 4
“I love seeing my friends.”  Jonte, Reception

“I love playing in the sandpit.” Eliza, ELC

“We have iTime where we get a chance to choose our own inquiry.”  Ethan B, Year 5

“Every student gets a chance to be in the school musical.”  Sammy, Year 6

“Younger students have good relationships with older students.” Keira, Year 7

“We share our space with lots of animals such as koalas, Blue Tongue Lizards, birds and the chickens.”   Flynn, Year 7

“We can use the Blackwood Community Oval at lunch and PE.”  Ocea, Year 6

“We have great tracks around the school for cross country running and bush walking.” Sebby, Year 7

“All students get to have a say in the decisions of the school in whole school meetings.”  Maddie, Year 6

“I love bookmaking!” Callum, Year 1

 “I like the teachers and they tell us stuff like learning. ” Sunny, Year 2

“I love our recess and lunch play spaces.” Josh, Year 2

The students at St Peters are at the centre of all that we do. We respect and value their thinking in all areas of the school and ask for their input into a range of decisions and initiatives. Our vision for our learners at our school is that they thrive as they embrace their futures. From their comments, we can see that they are certainly thriving as they learn and prepare for what is ahead of them!