St Peters students find out that music really IS fun!

Bronwyn WilsonLearning, Music

The Music is Fun Band (LtoR) Front: Mark Curtis, Kate Kowald, Jono Rose. Back: Natalie Cruse, Nick Russell, Eve McMillan, Andre Oosterbaan.

The hallways at St Peters were rockin’ when the Music is Fun Band paid the students a visit last week.

In an action-packed performance the students were treated to renditions of tunes from different eras and genres from classical to country and everything in between. They also learnt about monophonic and polyphonic instruments and saw how much air you need to blow a trumpet!

Along the way they met the Sneeze Doctor (who holds a Masters Degree in disposing of boogers), Little Eliza Jane, a peanut (of the allergy safe variety), a duck who wanted some grapes and the crew of the Starship Enterprise. They were stranded on a desert island and sent a message in bottle, learnt some intriguing new dance moves – including ‘digging the dirt’, the ‘jack-hammer’ and the ‘round-up’ – were invaded by frogs and went through the car wash. [Ed: If you’re confused or intrigued about any of these things, just ask the kids!]

Did you know that our own Miss Geue and Miss Wilson as well as school parent Evie Stephens are all former members of the Music is Fun Band?

Thank you to The Music is Fun Band for a highly entertaining and energetic performance.

But the thing that we have to thank them for the most … sending us all away with the ear-worm to end all ear-worms: Everything is Awesome (from The Lego Movie). See … now you’ve got it running ‘round your head!

You can find out more about The Music is Fun Band on their Facebook page.

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