St Peters’ Staff have their say…

Bronwyn WilsonLearning

We are very proud of our people at St Peters Lutheran and our people are very proud of our school! Our dedicated staff have taken some time out of their busy schedules to reflect on the St Peters Lutheran community and what makes it unique and special.


I love our outdoor nature play areas and how the children can explore and be involved in risk taking and imaginative play. I also love how all children at our school have a voice and are included in decision making. 
Mrs Fox, Reception Teacher

I love the warmth and genuine relationships of this little community and the sense of belonging. The deep strength of faith in Jesus that underpins everything and of course, the laughter and smiles of the children, and induced by the children.
Miss Alex, Chaplain/Front Office


It’s such a wonderful friendly community vibe with excellent staff & student interactions!  The school values the creativity, uniqueness and individuality of each child & staff member. The professional, collegial working environment makes it a joy to come to work each day.
Tawny Keranovich, OSHC Director & ELC Co-Educator


There are so many things that make St Peters the most wonderful school!  One of them is the way our culture has been built together with staff, students and parents to define and grow shared values about what makes a great school.  We do this through ongoing rigorous and open dialogue so that we are all able to take action together for shared goals.  This makes us really powerful and successful as a learning and serving community.  I love it!
Rebecca Geue, Year 5/6 Teacher

I love that the students of our school have a significant voice in the decisions made about our learning environment. Class Meetings and Whole School Meetings are held weekly which gives all students a regular opportunity to discuss matters that might require a solution or make suggestions which might improve their experience at school. These meetings are held democratically and all students are given the opportunity to lead these meetings through the year. It creates a feeling of shared responsibility and belonging for all, not to mention the leadership and self-management skills that it develops.
Mr Eldridge, Year 6/7 Teacher

There’s so much I love about our school. Being a small school, we can know and care for each student and family on an individual basis. We have such supportive and vibrant partnerships with students, parents and the wider community!
Bronwyn Wilson, Principal

What a privilege it is to be in a school where we are all working together
for the best outcomes for the children and families in our care. 

In the next edition of the ‘Inside Story’, we will see what the students think about our school!