St Peters — shining the light on books and science this week

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Teachers and staff got in character too (LtoR): Red Riding Hood (Mrs Gaskill), Puss in Boots (Mrs Green), Koala Lou (Mr Rathjen), Where’s Wally? (Miss Wilson) and the Moody Cow (Mrs Rohde).

You could have been forgiven for thinking that St Peters had been turned into a page from an enormous picture book when our students came dressed as the characters from their favourite books to celebrate Book Week 2015 under the theme: “Books light up our world”.

Amongst the cast of characters were the delightful and ever popular Anne of Green Gables, Where’s Wally? (although he was particularly hard to find), Puss in Boots, Robin Hood (or, this case, Robyn Hood), Mary Poppins and Harry Potter. Then there were the not-so-easily-recognised stars from more recent books like Monsters High, The Famous Five, Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Percy Jackson. One thing is for sure, however, there was guaranteed to be ‘no evil’ on campus with the high numbers of super heroes ready to tackle the foe!

Book Week and Science Week are being celebrated together this year, and share similar themes to commemorate 2015 being the International Year of Light. The students have delved into the science of light sharing many “did you know” facts about light on the windows of the resource centre, creating their own flashlights out of pop-sticks and enjoying books from the special display in the library. To round off Science Week students will be treated to a visit from Mobile Science Education with Rooms 5 and 6 enjoying a presentation about ‘Our Active Earth’ and Rooms B, 1 and 2 will learn about ‘Our Chemical World’ (watch our Facebook page for photos of this!).


Well done to the staff and students for immersing themselves into Book Week and Science Week this year.

Of course, it begs the question: What literary giants or Nobel Science Award recipients could be ‘in the making’ at St Peters? Time will tell.

Book week gives us a chance to look at the PYP concept of perspective. Everyone has a different opinion on what makes a good story. Often the children’s perspective is very different from the judges on what makes a winning book!

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