St Peters Lutheran PYP Exhibition 2018

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The St Peters Exhibition is an annual event which represents the culmination of our Year 7 students’ journey through the Primary Years Programme of the International Baccalaureate. Throughout their years at St Peters, students develop strong competency in learning through an inquiry approach. This learning is on display for all who are fortunate enough to attend the event.

Our online journalist Theo Sweet (Year 6) has been finding out more about the 2018 Exhibition and has written the following article.

On Wednesday the 7th of November the Year 7s presented an exhibition where they advocated for situations in the world they were passionate about. From things like animal care to how much responsibility we should give robots. From other things like ways to make transportation more environmentally friendly, to climate change and what we can expect if we don’t try to change.

To help us understand how to help and ways to create change we asked some of the Year 7 groups about their important campaigns involving how they have been raising awareness and creating solutions to the problems they have encountered. Some problems would be lack of information, constantly changing environment of information and learning, fixed mindset and lack of motivation. The Year 7s learned a lot through solving their problems and developed their skills in public speaking, researching skills and much more.

Tilly showed that we can all do our part in keeping native animals safe. This includes caring for injured animals in the appropriate ways and if you own a cat keep it inside or in an enclosure. Tilly felt so passionate about her inquiry that she spent a day volunteering at Minton Farm, a local not for profit Animal Rescue Organisation.

Campbell believes the best way to help vision and hearing impaired people is to put resources into training hearing and seeing dogs. As a school we can donate money but as individuals, we could volunteer to train those dogs in our homes.

Darcy and Hanno believe developing greener transport methods will be important in reducing our impact on the environment. Hanno showed solutions on how to make transportation greener by using electric cars and magnetic levitation for trains.

Ronan showed us how robotic technology has developed. He shared his belief that there should be clear lines of responsibility for the creators of robots. As the technology improves there could be a time where robots are given much more responsibility. Ultimately the creators of robots should be responsible in times where robots cause problems. While researching he found an advocacy group that is focussing on this challenge.

Shaylee, Victoria, Amelie and Eden chose to inquire into the benefits of building strong communities. They believe we should make community areas more accessible and sociable by adding more community gardens and ramps for disabled people in hope of helping people connect and socialise with each other more. They are taking action at school by setting up a Swap & Give book box for our school and church community to use.

Olivia and Chelsea decided to raise awareness to change people’s mindset about gender stereotypes and equal opportunities. They are taking action by creating a mural which will encourage people to make positive changes to our world in promoting equal opportunities.

Sarah and Ella inquired into the rights of children and child welfare. They believe that we need to find more foster carers to ensure children’s safety. They also believe that parent education would be an effective way to reduce the need for foster care.

Stella and Emilie inquired into wastage and joined the ranks of the war on waste. They showed the exhibition guests many easy ways to reduce the amount of waste we create in our everyday lives. Reusable (and washable) metal straws as well as beeswax wraps for covering food are some great and environmentally friendly ideas for your Christmas list. The girls hope to take action in our school by organising a Waste Free Wednesday challenge.

All in all, the students did a great job of raising awareness for their cause. The learning was significant and the opportunity to have so many conversations with the exhibition guests helped students learn even more. There were many people who helped our exhibition to be so successful and our thanks goes to all of those people. We hope we have achieved our aim of helping to make the world a better place.