St Peters kids get dirty for healthy eating

Bronwyn WilsonAround the grounds

The St Peters Blackwood Gardening Group

The Gardening Group (standing clockwise from front left) Zoe, Mary, Charlotte and Alice (centre back) tend their plot with the help of some Junior Primary students.

The Room 2 (Year 5/6) Gardening Group enjoyed a bumper crop from their school garden earlier in the year with strawberries, lettuce, spring onions, tomatoes, cucumbers and purple carrots amongst the bounty.

“We had bucket loads of tomatoes,” said current group leaders Mary, Alice and Zoe “enough to have in salads or enjoy straight off the vine as rewards … even enough to make pasta sauce!”

The girls work in the garden every Thursday during the warmer terms and try to get out there every 2 weeks when the weather is colder and things ‘aren’t growing as much’. They’re usually joined by some other willing helpers from the Junior Primary classes (Reception to Year 2).

When asked why they’re so enthusiastic about their garden, the girls replied: “We’re learning about the environment and encouraging our friends and buddies to eat healthily”.

“We have a rule (in the group) that you have to try the food we produce,” said Mary. “You don’t have to like it … but you have to at least try it!” Zoe added.

By growing it themselves, they hope that their little helpers will try the fruit and vegetables and see how much better it tastes coming fresh from the garden.

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The girls are currently enjoying a crop of ‘mini oranges’ from a tree funded by donations from parents. They’re also hoping to expand their plot later in the year and eventually sell the produce to raise more money to fund their garden into the future.

Their secret to a bumper crop? Seasol every couple months. Mary added that it smells awful, but it really makes a difference!

Parents/caregivers are welcome to come down and take a look at the garden which is located by the hard-play area. If you’d like to support the Gardening Group, donations of goods, equipment or money to fund their work are gratefully accepted.

Watch out Don Burke, you’ve got competition in the form of three Room 2 girls!