St Peters — Influencing young lives for the better

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St Peters Old Scholar Sophie Whitcombe

It’s true to say that St Peters leaves an indelible mark on our students’ lives.

‘Old Scholar’, Sophie Whitcombe reflects on her time at St Peters and shares how the qualities instilled in her by her teachers have helped to shape the person she is today, and inspire her to pursue a career as a teacher.

My name is Sophie Whitcombe and I attended St Peters from 2002 till 2009.

Looking back on my time at St Peters Lutheran School, through reception to year seven, endless memories come to mind, all of which are good. As I am currently studying at Flinders University, undertaking a Bachelor of Education (R-7 and Special Education), with a Bachelor of Disability Studies, I see these memories as ones I strive to demonstrate when I become a teacher. They highlight the importance of my teachers. Fun, friendly, supportive, understanding, compassionate and kind are all characteristics that I remember from my teachers, and wish to embrace as I become a teacher.

As a student in primary school I would describe myself as someone who was quiet. I surrounded myself with a good group of friends and was confident within my friendship group. However, when it came to difficult or unfamiliar tasks I would be the child who would stand back and watch others do it first. I was not a risk taker. I will highlight a few memories where my teachers helped me take risks. These risks have helped me become a risk taker, and lead me to where I am today.

My memories of my year one teacher, Mrs Fox are of a friendly, nurturing teacher who made the classroom fun. She always made me feel safe and happy, so as a young student I was able to reach my full potential. This support from a young age helped me right through primary school as I was able to grow as a person, while feeling secure in my environment.

I remember in year three, Mrs Rawinski helped me take a risk during a Physical Activity lesson of T-ball. The risk was hitting the ball far enough to make it to first base. Kindness and support were both used through clear demonstration and encouragement from Mrs R, to help me. I was able to hit the ball far enough to make it to first base. I remember everybody cheering for me. The support I felt from Mrs R and my classmates made me feel great.

Miss Geue taught me to be a risk taker in Whole School Meetings. Each year seven student leads a Whole School Meeting with another classmate. I was expected to sit in front of the whole school, showing confidence and leadership. I was only able to take this risk, with the compassion and understanding from Miss Geue. She was very understanding of everyone’s views, opinions and feelings. She understood that I was nervous about taking a risk to chair the Whole School Meeting, and with compassion, encouraged me to do it. Following the meetings she would always talk to the two people who had chaired the meeting, discussing how well they did. This understanding for each student, recognizing that some students need extra support to take risks, has led to other students recognizing this. My class in year seven learnt the importance of understanding individual’s views and opinions, from Miss Geue.

Although I have chosen these three teachers, everyone I came in contact with at St Peters had a lasting positive contribution to my life. St Peters has helped me become a risk taker, and lead me to where I am today. If I had to write all of my great memories from St Peters there would be too many pages! I am very grateful that I had the opportunity to go to St Peters and am proud to tell people that St Peters was my primary school.

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