Official Suppliers

Devon Clothing is located at 84 Daws Road, Edwardstown and is open Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm and Saturday 9am – 12noon.

Visit St Peters’ online uniform shop at  Items ordered will either be posted to you or they can be picked up from the uniform shop itself.

Second Hand Uniforms

St Peters has a second hand uniform shop, staffed by volunteers on the school grounds. The shop is open once per month after Friday Chapel services or by arrangement with the coordinators. Please contact the school office to find out more.

General Requirements

To maintain the school uniform closely, parents are asked to assist with the following general requirements…

  • Students are expected to wear the prescribed school uniform.
  • Summer uniform is to be worn from the commencement of Term 1 and Term 4.
    (Where the forecast maximum temperature is 20 degrees or below, children may wear the winter uniform).
  • Winter uniform is to be worn during Terms 2 and 3. (Where the forecast maximum temperature is 20 degrees or above, children may wear the summer uniform).
  • If at any time students are unable to wear the required uniform, parents are requested to notify the school by telephone or letter.
  • All articles of clothing must be marked with the student’s name.
  • The wearing of sneakers, except for sporting activities, is not permitted.
  • The only permissible jewellery is sleepers or plain ball stud earrings and plain watches. Fine linked chains with a cross may be worn under clothing so they cannot be seen.  Students may wear earrings in the lobe of ears only. Students may wear one plain gold or silver ball stud earring or one small sleeper in each ear.  Students may not wear any form of earring in any part of the ear except the lobe.  Students who disregard these rules will be asked to remove the offending earrings, have them kept in safe-keeping by the Classroom Teacher and sent home with a note to parents at the end of the week.
  • Hair must be kept neat and tidy. Hair longer than shoulder length must be tied and clipped back off the face.  Hair accessories are to be made of the school uniform material.  Hair styles should not be extreme.  No artificial hair colour should be evident.
  • The wearing of nail polish or make-up is not permitted.
  • School hats must be worn for outdoor play during every term – no hat – no play.
  • Sandals may only be worn with the summer uniform and without socks.
  • Rain-wear – safety yellow raincoat and hat are recommended for safety reasons.
  • Sports Uniform – on the day when students have physical education, the sports uniform will be worn to school.
  • The sport jacket may also be worn on cold days over the school jumper. It is not a substitute for the jumper.
  • Notices will be sent home designating the uniform requirements for students going on field trips. Students not wearing appropriate uniform will not be permitted to go.
Shirt—Junior blue and white check short sleeve with logo on pocket

Shorts—Navy Stubbies Flexpandable (winter trousers are optional in cool weather)

Socks—Plain white anklets

Hat—Navy broad brimmed with logo (formal) and navy legionnaire cap with logo

Shoes—Black lace up (designated brand or acceptable laced alternative) – see details under shoes OR brown sandals (without socks)

Plus— If weather indicates, junior blue jumper with school logo

*All students wear the sports uniform all day on their designated PE day
**Jacket may also be worn on cold days over the school jumper. It is not a substitute for the jumper