The small school advantage at St Peters Lutheran School manifests itself in many ways that enhance individualised learning and deep connection with community.  Due to our size, the community atmosphere is welcoming and warm – people know each other and make everyone feel included and supported. As a small school, the teachers more easily identify individual talents and unique needs of each student. This offers a more personalised educational experience. This information is known widely by all who work with the students making significant points of transition throughout the ELC and school, smooth and successful. Staff constantly align, review and realign values and best practice to ensure a whole school approach to learning, behaviour management and all aspects of education. This continuity and consistency ensures students experience excellent learning outcomes and a strong sense of security and wellbeing.

Positive parent connections are also enhanced in small schools. Relationships are built with staff and other parents who also collaborate and connect over a long time involved in the school.  Long lasting friendships are often made.  Parents and Friends activities, supportive class coordinators, open classrooms and class-based events help to involve, include and care for the whole family at St Peters Lutheran School.

An inclusive, caring and respectful school culture, are inherent in the friendly and welcoming small school environment that is St Peters Lutheran School.