Lights, camera, ACTION GROUPS!

Bronwyn WilsonCommunity Action, Learning, Proof of the pudding

ActionGr3 ActionGr1Action is an important part of the IB curriculum at St Peters Lutheran. Children take action constantly as a result of the inquiries they engage in. Changing the way they think, feel and behave as a result of what they are learning are just some of the signs of a successful inquiry. Another unique aspect of taking action at St Peters Lutheran is the groups that form in the Upper Primary. This year, the Year 6 students are unstoppable in their quest to challenge, teach, and provide other students in the school with opportunities to be involved and make a difference.

What better way to promote student action than allow the students to write this week’s Inside Story?  So it’s over to Zoe, Emily and Harris to tell you all about what they are doing and what a difference it’s making.

ActionGr2Zoe and Emily, Year 6, Craft and Games Action Group

The Year 6’s from Room 1 have formed action groups. An action group is where the Year 6’s think of an activity of something that they know how to do and then they teach younger people at the school how to do it. We have got a group about sport, a dancing group and a group that does games and crafts. Our group is the one about crafts and games. We are going to tell you a bit about it now.

We do games, crafts and activities. In the first week we made sticker books and every week we give them a sticker in their book. We also designed a treasure hunt for them to do at the end of the term. Everyone paired up in twos or threes. They had to find lots of stuff around the school yard.

Sometimes we play games. We normally play corners, hangman and heads down thumbs up, but sometimes we play different games as well. We asked the kids to tell us what games they wanted to play and we made a list so that we can we can make the action group even better. The younger students are getting along really well in the group and are learning skills to help them talk to each other, play well and have heaps of fun!

ActionGr3Harris, Year 6, Sports Action Group

Another one of this year’s action groups is a sport group. It is run by Cam and me. It is held on Friday lunchtimes with years 2 to 5. We thought of the idea because sport was something we were all good at, and enjoy, so it works well. We then got Cam and Lily involved after a few others left the group.

We started the group because we wanted kids to be more active and do more sport in their day. We also just thought it would be a fun thing for the kids to do. One of the highlights of the action group would have been when we did our first session. We did football and all the kids loved it! They were all a bit unsure on what to do at first, but it worked out well.

One of the challenges of our action group was getting the kids to remember to come because another sport action group opened up just after us! It was a bit of a challenge to get them to remember.

After doing the action group for a while, I have seen quite a few of the kids get better at the sports and be more active. We are currently trying to work something out with the other sport group to make things better for both groups. The action groups will go for the whole year, so we look forward to doing more sessions with the kids.

An explicit expectation of the PYP is that successful inquiry will lead to responsible action, initiated by the student as a result of the learning process.  IB students inquire into all sorts of central ideas and become knowledgeable in many different areas. Throughout an inquiry a common question we ask is, “So what now?” This question gets students thinking about how the information and knowledge they have gained will be used in order for it to be useful, effective and make a difference in the world.