Student safety, inclusion and well-being are of utmost importance at St Peters Lutheran School.  Individual respect and care is given to each child as they grow and transition through our school.  The differentiation of the learning program is a vital aspect of this, so that each child’s social, emotional and academic learning needs are met through their entire journey through our school. We aim to have students grow in resilience and grit as they learn to do what is sometimes hard, where there is a significant scaffolding and support to allow for risk taking, making mistakes and reflection within a culture of positive growth mindset. Caring and professional staff, connected parents, consistent restorative practices, buddy programs, the emphasis on student agency and leadership, engaging teaching programs and an inclusive culture all work together to ensuring that each child can grow and thrive in our school.

Pastoral Care

Our school Chaplain spends time with students during the week. As well as meeting and talking with students individually and in a class setting, wellbeing programmes such as Seasons For Growth are offered for children experiencing change, whether it be graduating to High School or feelings of anxiety due to particular happenings in their world.