At St Peters, we believe that children learn best when they have authentic purposes and audiences for their work, in which they discover, construct and use knowledge.

In using information communication technologies (ICTs), students not only learn technology, but through and about new technologies, as part of a socially meaningful group. Students use ICTs as a tool to enhance and transform their learning.

A bank of computers is located in each classroom for student use. In addition extra banks of computers are located in the Resource Centre. The students also have access to a range of other technologies including a Interactive White Board, digital camera, projector and scanners. ICTs are embedded throughout all the curriculum areas, and are taught within a context to support the learning taking place in other curriculum areas. The students do not learn ICTs as an isolated subject. The ICT key teacher works collaboratively with classroom teachers in order to maximise the learning opportunities of ICTs across the curriculum.

As a school, we acknowledge that students live in a society that is immersed in visual and verbal images, not just the printed page. The learning of ICTs as St Peters embraces the literacies of the digital information era, and has applied the use of mulitmodal learning throughout the curriculum.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

St Peters has a practice where students from Year 3 to Year 7 are encouraged to bring to school a portable computer device to assist them with their learning (This could include iPads, tablets, laptops etc).  Students are able to log in to the school’s wi-fi and connect securely. Security protocols are identical to all school-owned computers on campus (see ‘Information Communication Technology’).   Parents are responsible for insuring their devices, as they remain the property of parents.  Students bring their own device at their own risk as outlined in the BYOD policy and protocols, which are shared and discussed variously with parents and students.

CSIRO Partners with St Peters

STEM Professionals in Schools is a national volunteer program that facilitates partnerships between schools and industry to bring real STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) into the classroom. St Peters Lutheran partners with the CSIRO to deliver innovative and engaging STEM learning with experts in the field. 

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