The students in Years 3-7 have a 45 minute lesson each week with a specialist PE teacher.

The students in the Junior Primary also have 2 x 30min sessions of Action Based Learning each week.


Japanese is taught from ELC – Year 7. The students are taught the language and cultural aspects of the country.

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Visual Arts

Visual Arts is taught from ELC-7 as a specialist subject for one semester per year, whilst accessing the curriculum within the classroom throughout the whole year.


Music is taught from ELC -7 as a specialist subject for one semester per year.  Our Arts programme gives students the opportunity to develop a well-rounded appreciation and skill in The Arts.


Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM)  is taught as a specialist lesson from ELC-7 for 45 minutes each week. The students are given opportunities to explore STEM-related concepts, including robotics, coding, gathering and applying data and presenting new solutions to real life problems.