The students in Years 3-7 have a 45 minute lesson each week with a specialist PE teacher.

The students in the Junior Primary also have 2 x 30min sessions of Action Based Learning each week.

MADD (Music, Media Arts, Dance and Drama)

The Performing Arts are taught across ELC-7. Students have the opportunity to combine all aspects of the performing arts throughout the year and develop a well-rounded appreciation and skill in The Arts.


Indonesion is taught from ELC – Year 7. The students are taught the language and cultural aspects of the country.

R&R (Read and Research)

Students access the Resource Centre for one Semester per year. The students learn about various aspects of reading and researching to aid their inquiry learning and the PYP Approaches to Learning.

Visual Arts

Visual Arts is taught from ELC-7 as a specialist subject for one semester per year, whilst accessing the curriculum within the classroom throughout the whole year.