The aim of the Learning Support Programme at St Peters Lutheran School is to give each student access to, and the opportunity to achieve in, all areas of education.  The support for children occurs within the classroom and out of the classroom setting, depending on the needs. Learning Support is inclusive of those who need support and extension.

Options for Learning Support at St Peters include (selection criteria apply):

Intensive Support Programme

This will consist of a programme written by the Learning Support teacher. The programme will outline support for the student. This support will be provided by some or all of the following people: the parents, outside specialists, the learning support team, the class teacher, the LAP volunteer and the Learning Support Co-educator.

1:1 support

1:1 support is available for the children requiring it. At St Peters Lutheran, we offer the “Hickey Multisensory Language Programme”, a tier 3 intervention programme for Dyslexia, which is implemented as part of an Individual Education Plan, and is linked to the classroom literacy programme.

Small Group Intervention

Small group intervention is provided for specific learning needs eg phonological awareness group, touch typing, rainbow reading.

Learning Assistance Programme

A volunteer who has been matched to the needs of the student, works with students to achieve their individual learning goals.

Inclusive (within the classroom setting)

The classroom programme will be adapted to accommodate the needs of the student with learning difficulties.