At St Peters Lutheran School, we have a strong tradition of authentic and active service leadership. Leadership opportunities are many and varied giving all the students the ability to learn and practice the skills of leadership needed to thrive in life.

Each one of our senior students will:

  • wear the mantel of school captain as a rite of passage;
  • regularly chair Whole Class and Whole Meetings;
  • manage their House Team for Sports Days;
  • lead school tours and welcome guests;
  • have a role in the annual Whole School Musical;
  • visit Parliament House, the Museum of Democracy and the National War Memorial to learn first-hand of national leadership and service;
  • learn about microcredit and work together to develop a small business;
  • present and take action on an area of passion through the annual IB PYP Exhibition;
  • have the opportunity to voluntarily grow an Action Group to serve the community.

By stepping up within our small and connected community and by supporting each other, many of our students have discovered unknown interests and gifts which they have then further developed into their adult lives.

While our senior students have significant roles in whole school leadership, all our students are considered leaders – each with a voice and authentic agency. Through class and Whole School Meetings, students of all ages identify any issues or celebrations and together develop a shared responsibility in taking appropriate action. From ELC onwards, our students increasingly develop a strong sense of control over their learning environment and confidently take action to serve and effect change.