Welcome to the St Peters Lutheran Early Learning Centre family!


We are a fully licensed and accredited child care centre on the grounds of St Peters Lutheran School which offers care for all children aged 3-6 years of age. We are open from 8.00am to 4.30pm from Monday to Friday. Before and after ELC care is available (Before 7.30-8.00am and After 4.30-6.00pm). We operate 48 weeks of the year.

We offer full day or half day booking options, Monday to Friday, on the days that suit you.

The choices are:
a minimum of one full day or two half day sessions for a 3 year old, up to a maximum of five full days
two full days for 4-6 year olds up to a maximum of five full days per week.

Your booking preferences can be kept or changed each term, in line with any changes to your personal circumstances.

We offer a variety of programs which run daily throughout each term. These include our Pre-Kindy program for all children 3-4 years of age. This Pre-Kindy program contains age appropriate activities for learning whilst socialising in small groups.

Our Pre-School program (Kindy Program) is for all children aged 4-6 years. This program incorporates Learning Star Time, which is a School readiness program, plus a Discovery time session. Discovery time is a unique Transition program when we join with some of the Reception children for games/activities. We also run ELLA (Early Learning Languages Australia) program which teaches Indonesian through IT.

Accounts are sent out fortnightly and there is a one-time non-refundable fee payable at the time of enrolment. Children continuing on to Reception at St Peters Lutheran School will not be required to pay any further enrolment fees.

As an approved child care provider, we are able to offer families the opportunity to claim the Child Care Subsidy, which provides families with financial assistance towards the costs of care. More information on eligibility and assistance is available from the Australian Government here.


Our vision is to provide a safe, nurturing, responsive, stimulating environment where innovative teaching inspires action and where God’s love is shared and eminent.


At St Peters, we believe that each child is a competent contributor to their own learning journey. Our ‘open-ended’ curriculum – one where a concept becomes the starting point for investigation – encourages children to have a direct influence on their learning experience and empowers them to develop a deep and strong understanding of themselves and the world around them.
We believe that parents are children’s primary educators and acknowledge the importance of working together for the benefit of your child. We encourage parent involvement – this may vary from taking a small group art/craft activities to a range of other behind the scene preparation.
Our aim is to build a friendly and respectful community where all members treat each other with dignity, humour and respect.

Our learning program is based on:

  • The internationally acclaimed International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program, covering all learning areas through an inquiry based approach to learning
  • The Christian Studies Framework (Lutheran Education Australia), giving a Christian foundation to all learning experiences; and
  • The Early Years Learning Framework.
  • We are also inspired by the philosophies of Montessori and Reggio Emilia Education.

All these curriculums work harmoniously together whereby children work and play together within an atmosphere of inclusion and respect for each other. Our two preschool rules: Kind Words and Gentle Hands.


Along with the convenience of being situated on the St Peters Lutheran School grounds, the ELC also offers:
Weekly access to specialist teachers in Indonesian, Physical Education, Library, Music and/or Art plus visits from our big buddies who also support us at Chapel when we join the whole St Peters community.

In addition to all these fun learning experiences we incorporate S.T.E.M., cooking, gardening and IT sessions into our programming.

One extra special element of our centre is that we also have our very own nature play area, which we call OLE (acronym for Outdoor Learning Environment). Plans have been approved and will commence early in 2019 on a cool creek with pump, slippery drip, rope hill plus more. Ask to see the plans when you visit.

Our curriculum includes a range of planned and spontaneous learning experiences which seek to develop children’s social, emotional, physical, spiritual and cognitive development.

To ensure we are able to offer your child the highest quality learning experience, we employ two Early Childhood trained teachers who develop a personalised learning plan for all children. This includes our Pre-Kindy and Pre-School programs. They are supported by three Early Childhood co-educators. We have had the same teaching team for four years.

Our educational program operates during school terms, and an ELC vacation care program is offered at a reduced price during school holidays, ensuring a total of 48 weeks per year of quality care for your child. We are closed for the last two weeks of December and the first two weeks of January.


Two school intakes a year
(Term 1 and Term 3)

We place a great deal of importance on implementing a supportive and informative transition process for children and families.

One of the ways we do this is through our “Learning Star program’ which is run daily by a qualified teacher who will encourage and guide your child to be involved in a range of activities which will support and enhance their social, emotional and academic wellbeing. Other benefits are the development of fine and gross motor skills and concepts needed for pre-reading, writing and numeracy whilst building confidence and familiarity of the school and its community.

During the six months prior to their commencement at St Peters Lutheran School, your child will spend time visiting the Reception classroom for increasing lengths of time. At the beginning they will stay for short blocks of time fully supported by an ELC educator. As the term/s progress they will stay for longer times until they spend full mornings and afternoons in the Reception classroom experiencing recess, lunch and school yard play. This gentle, sequential program ensures your child will be fully prepared for school.

For more information, or to book a tour, please contact Deb Bahnisch (Enrolments Officer and School Secretary) on 8278 0800.

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