Learning with Blue-Bots

Bronwyn WilsonLearning, Parents and friends, Technology

bluebots1We have some exciting news to share! Thanks to the generous financial contribution from St Peters Lutheran P&F Committee, our Junior Primary students have recently received the long awaited, much anticipated Blue-Bots!

Blue-Bots are the newest addition to the floor robot family, and are similar to Bee-Bots. They are a Blue-tooth enabled robots, controlled by our iPads. They are a perfect starting point for young children to learn sequencing, directional language, basic commands and programming. Children plan their algorithm on the screen of the device via the Blue-Bot application and send it remotely for the Blue-Bot to perform right in front of them.

We have been delighted to see how children have confidently appliedbluebots5 their knowledge from previous experiences with the Kodable application to Blue-Bots. We have been investigating and using our problem-solving skills to learn how to control the Blue-Bots and navigate them through a course. Children have taken the next step to design and create their own “worlds” and courses for the Blue-Bots.

We believe it is important to develop these foundational skills in digital technology to prepare students to understand coding and be ready for Lego Mind-Storm in the Upper Primary. We look forward to seeing where the learning of today takes our children into the future!

Risk-takers, Thinkers and Problem-Solvers at work with our new Blue-Bots

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