Happy Campers!

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Aldinga3At St Peters we believe that camps provide wonderful learning and life experiences for our students. School camps create opportunities for students to develop a wide range of social skills that strengthen established relationships and develop new ones. Often camp encourages students to take on leadership roles and work together as a team to encourage positive decision making.

During the final week of Term 1, both Year 4/5 classes attended Camp Aldinga. The students participated in the Aboriginal Studies Programme which takes students on a three-day journey of discovery to build their knowledge and make meaningful connections to Aboriginal culture.

Aldinga4Upon arrival at the camp the students began exploring Aboriginal history by constructing a visual representation of Australian history with a focus on Aboriginal Australians. They were then taught to play a fantastic traditional game from Arnhem Land called Manhanganing. After afternoon tea, the students excitedly explored the Aldinga Conservation Park and made sand sculptures on the beach using ‘environmental treasure’. We met Trent, an Aboriginal man who lives in Adelaide. We went on a walk through the Aldinga scrub where we learnt about how the aboriginal people use the land, plants and animals. He showed us some of his traditional tools and we leant how to make fire using sticks. Trent has a real connection with the land and explained why it was so important to the Aboriginal people.Aldinga6

One of the most enjoyable activities of the camp was cooking fish in a traditional indigenous way.  Students made a clay oven for their fish and cooked it in a fire pit. The fish was delicious and some people were even brave enough to try eating a fish eyeball.

We were spoilt with fantastic food at the camp including a BBQ, lasagna, pancakes and pizza subs. The camp cook remarked, “It was great to see the children displaying such fantastic manners. It was a great way to end the last camp of the term.



The students enjoyed the camp tremendously. They were full of stories for the parents when we returned to school. Some were still talking about it during the school holidays;

The camp was a very pleasurable experience for our children! We know that they will have life long happy memories of their time away.” – Year 4/5 parent.



Camp Quotes

“I got drenched when water was poured all over our shelters.”

“I learnt how to draw animal footprints and all about the indigenous trees.”

“One of my favourite parts of the camp was when Trent showed us his traditional tools.”

“I enjoyed going down to the beach a doing a scavenger hunt.”

“I loved decorating/painting the boomerangs.”

“The way the Aboriginal people cook their fish is much different to the way we cook fish.”Aldinga2

“I ate a fish eye!”

“We learnt about the ‘Bunnings’ tree that the Aboriginal people use to make their tools.”