GROW…in Confidence!

Bronwyn WilsonLearning, Proof of the pudding

“I can do it!” It is the statement that makes students and teachers proudly smile and rejoice. It’s what makes all the practice, encouragement and sometimes hours of perseverance worth it.  It’s the iconic moment when a child learns to ride a bike or shoot a three pointer. It’s the phrase uttered before an oral presentation or a whole school musical performance. 

You may or may not be surprised to know that confidence plays a huge part in life long learning. Decades of research support the notion that believing in your ability to do something enhances your ability to do it.

So, what does confidence look like at St Peters? Confidence is when the students realise their ability as learners, have the courage to take risks, apply what they have learned and make appropriate decisions and choices (Making the PYP Happen).

Here are just some of the opportunities our students have to grow in confidence at St Peters:

  • Whole school and class meetings help to build confidence by giving the students the opportunity to make decisions and have a voice in the way we run the school.
  • Setting goals together encourages the children to take responsibility for their learning and understand the purpose of the learning.
  • Meeting challenges develops risk-taking and giving things a go.
  • Receiving and giving feedback allows the students to feel good about where they are currently and excited about where they are heading.
  • Growth mindset is encouraged at St Peters and the words “I can’t do it…yet” is a phrase that is often heard in classrooms!
  • God in all things, our school motto and a big part of our school life, helps the children know that they are not alone in their learning or in life.I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.” Philippians 4:16.

By building confidence in students, we can safeguard the most important ingredient to success: motivation. GROW with us in confidence at St Peters Lutheran School!