Music at St Peters is a well rounded programme which includes specialist lessons within the school day, an extra curricular instrumental programme and an annual whole school Musical.

Our curricular programme includes Exploring, Sharing, Developing and Responding in Music.

The St Peters instrumental music programme is offered through Novar Music. Lessons are available during and after school hours. The range of instrumental lessons include piano, guitar, voice, trumpet, trombone and violin. Students who learn instruments have the potential to become involved in co-curricular ensembles such as Chapel Band.

The school presents a musical that includes all the students from Reception to Year 7. This annual event allows the senior students to authentically develop the skills and knowledge built through our Arts programme over their time at our school.  All classes are involved as the chorus and individual classes choreograph dance moves that are performed within the musical. The musical is an important part of our leadership programme for all students, especially those with lead and behind the scene roles.