Christian Studies at St Peters

Bronwyn WilsonAround the grounds, Faith in Action, Learning

What makes St Peters different? What is central to what we do here at St Peters and why? What makes us unique and distinct? One aspect of this difference is that St Peters is a Lutheran School, where our community reflects a Christian approach to learning, living and working together.

Part of how we reflect a Christian approach to learning is through Christian Studies. Christian studies is “a programme of study about the Christian faith, the Word of God — as revealed in the Old and New Testaments and informed by the Lutheran Confessions — with the Gospel as its focus” (St Peters Lutheran School Website).

Christian Studies provides a safe and supportive context in which students can reflect on their experiences of the world and their own beliefs and spirituality.  The Christian Studies classroom is a place where teaching and learning occurs in a supportive, inclusive and safe environment; and where learners are engaged in intellectually challenging experiences that actively involve them in journeys of inquiry and constructing their own meanings.

In Christian Studies, the students are encouraged to wonder, think critically, ask questions,  challenge themselves, solve problems, listen, share, be still, reflect, create, respect, respond, make connections, be engaged in meaningful debate, be stimulated and interact.


There are a whole range of learning experiences covered in Christian Studies including the responsibility Christians have to look after the world, how people express their spirituality in and beyond Christianity, the significance of worship in the Lutheran Church, how God creates us to live in relationship with him and each other and many other areas that are covered throughout the year.

My favourite thing about Christian Studies is when we read the story about David and Goliath. Callum, ELC

I like all the Bible stories. Oliver, ELC

I enjoyed looking at the Bible in different languages; it was interesting.  Keira, Year 5

In Christian Studies this term I liked drawing the pictures with the Bible verse for Chapel.  Caleb, Year 5

I really enjoyed reading about Abraham’s family tree and all the cool action stories about bravery and courage from God.

I have liked when we learned about different religions.  I also like watching the Secret Life of Five Year Olds and learning about how we all have moral dilemmas.  Grace, Year 5

I liked it when Pastor Kevin came in and he talked to us about the Bible and where it came from.  I also liked how he brought in different Bibles in different languages and different wordings.  I loved looking at the Secret Life of Five Year Olds because we were looking at what is right and wrong.  Maddie, Year 5

I enjoyed learning all about the Greek and Hebrew alphabets and learning how to write some words in Hebrew and Greek.