Celebrating our Learning!

Bronwyn WilsonLearning, Proof of the pudding

At the end of last term, the Receptions, Year 1’s and 2’s were involved in a celebration of learning. This was to demonstrate the learning that had occurred throughout the term. Our central idea, ‘Construction involves design ideas and solutions’ lent itself to learning about multiple areas during the same unit including Mathematics, English, HASS and Science.

For the celebration of learning, the children constructed a city using boxes and recycled materials. Throughout the construction process, the children engaged in a lengthy learning journey involving:

  • Identifying important buildings in our community.
  • Agency in choosing their own building construction.
  • Researching their particular building, including the individual design features.
  • Planning their particular construction and specifying materials needed.
  • Making their construction and finding solutions to problems that arose during the build.
  • Working collaboratively in groups across multiple year levels.
  • Reflecting on our finished product and group skills.

Once the buildings were complete, the children made signs for their building and also for the city. This required them to draw on their knowledge about signs which we had explored in our literacy learning. The children also made a step by step plan of how to get to their building using positional language, which they had explored during their mathematical learning.

In the last week of Term 2, the children’s families were invited to visit our city. The children showed them around using their directions and answered questions related to IB concepts, skills and specific learning areas. The children loved sharing their learning journey with their family in such an authentic way.

Our city is a true reflection of the student’s learning. The work presented today has all been student created, directed and driven. We have enjoyed watching the children’s knowledge and skills grow throughout this unit.”

Belinda Fox, Sarah Smith and Sophie Whitcombe