Music is Fun!!!!!

Bronwyn WilsonMusic, Special Events

Music really came alive on Wednesday 3rd August, when the ‘Music is Fun’ Band gave a performance that was not to be missed! The talented bunch of performers had St Peters Lutheran singing into Hairbrushes and Dancing in the Street in their 2016 spectacular. The message of the band is that Music is indeed extremely fun and it didn’t take long … Read More

MUD, MUD GLORIOUS MUD – A little dirt never hurt!

Bronwyn WilsonAround the grounds, Community Action, Early Learning Centre, Learning, Special Events

ST PETERS LUTHERAN EARLY LEARNING CENTRE PARTICIPATE IN INTERNATIONAL MUD DAY International Mud Day is a special day when children and adults from all around the world feel closer to each other by playing in mud on the same day. !We decided this was an excellent opportunity to further develop community bonding, thus we invited our Reception class, parents and … Read More

Grandparents’ and Special Friends’ Day

Bronwyn WilsonLearning, Parents and friends, Special Events

How wonderful to have the opportunity a fortnight ago to celebrate the relationship between seniors and juniors! The whole school (led by the Year Sevens) had worked hard to prepare a beautiful day that ran smoothly and provided opportunities for sharing love, learning and teaching. We shared Coding, Choir, Action-Based Learning, Singing, Skipping Squad, Indonesian Singing, Yr 7 Music Ensemble, … Read More

Canberra Tour 2016

Bronwyn WilsonLearning, Social issues, Special Events

Our Year 6 & 7 students enjoyed a trip to Canberra as part of their Unit of Inquiry about Civics and Citizenship. The central idea for the unit was People are responsible for community culture and order. Classes explored the roles and responsibilities members of various communities take in building safe, supportive and functional social environments. Early stages of the … Read More

Staying Up Late at School!

Bronwyn WilsonLearning, Special Events, Sport and extra curricula

Recently, the Reception and Year One students at St Peters Lutheran School ‘Stayed Up Late at School’ on a Friday evening. The purpose of this experience is for the students to continue establishing friendships, gain greater independence and develop social skills. The stay up late evening is the beginning of and preparation for future school camp experiences.       “It is … Read More

Welcome to St Peters Lutheran with food!

Bronwyn WilsonParents and friends, Special Events

The beginning of a new school year is always an exciting time, especially having the opportunity to welcome the new members of our school community! And nothing says welcome more than a 3-course candle lit mea l with wine and excellent conversation. This year we have gone back to the future and reinvigorated an old tradition here at St Peters.  In … Read More