MUD, MUD GLORIOUS MUD – A little dirt never hurt!

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ST PETERS LUTHERAN EARLY LEARNING CENTRE PARTICIPATE IN INTERNATIONAL MUD DAY International Mud Day is a special day when children and adults from all around the world feel closer to each other by playing in mud on the same day. !We decided this was an excellent opportunity to further develop community bonding, thus we invited our Reception class, parents and … Read More

Past scholars – a credit to their formative years at St Peters Lutheran

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  The community of past scholars is growing at St Peters Lutheran. Our first Year 7 students graduated in 1999 and since then St Peters has been adding to the number of accomplished and successful graduates each year. Our past scholars have achieved much since their time here, from sporting success to making a positive impact on our community by … Read More

Grandparents’ and Special Friends’ Day

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How wonderful to have the opportunity a fortnight ago to celebrate the relationship between seniors and juniors! The whole school (led by the Year Sevens) had worked hard to prepare a beautiful day that ran smoothly and provided opportunities for sharing love, learning and teaching. We shared Coding, Choir, Action-Based Learning, Singing, Skipping Squad, Indonesian Singing, Yr 7 Music Ensemble, … Read More

A day in the life of…

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So you’ve been receiving and reading the “Inside Story” for a while now and have probably developed the idea that St Peters Lutheran is a very busy and exciting place. But here’s your chance to get the inside scoop on what our school is really like. No holds barred. From a student’s perspective. It’s a Tuesday morning and I am … Read More

Action Based Learning

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St Peters’ Junior Primary students have been consolidating their early literacy and numeracy in a whole new way this year. Action based learning is a combination of movement and learning. By moving our bodies in particular ways we are igniting parts of our brains and making them more susceptible to learning. The neural pathways developed when learning motor skills are … Read More

Canberra Tour 2016

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Our Year 6 & 7 students enjoyed a trip to Canberra as part of their Unit of Inquiry about Civics and Citizenship. The central idea for the unit was People are responsible for community culture and order. Classes explored the roles and responsibilities members of various communities take in building safe, supportive and functional social environments. Early stages of the … Read More

Staying Up Late at School!

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Recently, the Reception and Year One students at St Peters Lutheran School ‘Stayed Up Late at School’ on a Friday evening. The purpose of this experience is for the students to continue establishing friendships, gain greater independence and develop social skills. The stay up late evening is the beginning of and preparation for future school camp experiences.       “It is … Read More

Happy Campers!

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  At St Peters we believe that camps provide wonderful learning and life experiences for our students. School camps create opportunities for students to develop a wide range of social skills that strengthen established relationships and develop new ones. Often camp encourages students to take on leadership roles and work together as a team to encourage positive decision making. During the … Read More

Lights, camera, ACTION GROUPS!

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Action is an important part of the IB curriculum at St Peters Lutheran. Children take action constantly as a result of the inquiries they engage in. Changing the way they think, feel and behave as a result of what they are learning are just some of the signs of a successful inquiry. Another unique aspect of taking action at St … Read More

“Teach in the way a child learns; don’t force a child to learn in the way we teach.”

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The Learning Support rooms are a busy place to be at St Peters. A typical day in learning support see’s many students buzzing in and out for many diverse reasons. Our extensive program includes reading, spelling and writing support, numeracy support, social skills, sensory and self-management skills and high level thinking skills for extension. Developing good working relationships is where it … Read More