In 2015 the St Peters School Council launched its plans for the next three years.

Schools are dynamic and changing places and we are always looking forward to see how we can continue to cater for the best learning opportunities for all the children in our care and incorporate best practice throughout all we do.

We are focusing on 5 main areas:

  1. Relationships and Community– To be a community that embrace and builds quality relationships, using our collective gifts and talents to serve God, each other and the school
  2. Teaching and Learning– To develop and embed best practices so that all have the opportunities to reach their God-given potential
  3. eLearning and Innovation– To develop a culture where digital learning and innovation is an integral part of the school’s learning programme.
  4. Space and Place– To have a safe school environment which encourages play, learning and activity and can change as our school changes
  5. Leadership and Governance –To ensure that our school is well governed and resourced now and for the future.
    In looking forward as a community it is important to reflect on the things that have worked well in the past as well as honestly addressing areas where there is need for improvement. The plan for the next years is a combination of strengthening the things that we already do well being open to change as it impacts on us in the years ahead.  An integral part of our planning is ensuring that we can appropriately resource all the things we need to do.  We are committed to both curricular and extra-curricular activities being offered as widely as possible.This plan will change as we continue to grow.  Our School Council and Leadership Staff will constantly review the school’s progress and make changes if circumstances require.  There are exciting times ahead for our community and we look forward to taking this journey with our students and families.


Mark Rathjen,