A New Look!

Bronwyn WilsonCommunity Action, Learning

Bright new spaces, a Year 6/7 Hub, brand new entry points and a new Junior Primary wing of the school is what greeted the families as they returned to a new school year earlier last month. The holidays were a time of refreshment for many of our families and staff, and also for our school, as building improvements were made to ensure current, welcoming and innovative spaces could be utilised in our vibrant learning community.

Learning is enhanced by the space where it happens. At St Peters Lutheran we have been rethinking our indoor spaces to ensure our school is working efficiently and effectively and opening them to become transparent spaces that invite student communication and collaboration.


A fantastic example of this is our newly created year 6/7 room. Operating as a year 6/7 Hub, we have transformed what was the Out of School Hours Care area to a relevant and engaging area where students can choose their spaces according to the activity or the group formation.



“The space is awesome! It’s big and roomy and you can get around easily. We can work where we feel is a good working space for the learning we are doing. It has a nice new feel.” Lauren and Cam, Year 7 students.


“The students are using the new learning area to make more connections as the space encourages a higher degree of interactions between the teacher and class members. They are able to gain different perspectives more easily. The choice of where to work gives them ownership and also an expected degree of responsibility within their choice.” Year 6/7 class teacher, Miss Wilson

The spaces have been set up as a blank canvas so that the students and community members can decide and create the space themselves and have ownership over how it functions.


The leaning environment in an IB PYP school is sometimes referred to as “the other teacher.” A carefully designed classroom greatly facilitates the implementation of PYP principles. It will promote learning processes in which children are engaging with one another and with objects of interest, exploring in a focused manner, constructing and representing understandings. The learning environment should invite children to take multiple perspectives and make multiple connections.