A day in the life of…

Bronwyn WilsonLearning, Proof of the pudding

Alice8So you’ve been receiving and reading the “Inside Story” for a while now and have probably developed the idea that St Peters Lutheran is a very busy and exciting place. But here’s your chance to get the inside scoop on what our school is really like. No holds barred. From a student’s perspective.

It’s a Tuesday morning and I am up and in my P.E. uniform. It’s 10 minutes before 8:00am. I grab my school bag, and run to the car. While in the car I am getting my skipping ropes out of my bag. (At St Peters Lutheran, skipping is just one of the special interest groups the students can choose from. We also have bushwalking, choir, cheer, coding and lots more). We park the car and I walk into the church foyer, where all my friends are warming up. During the practice we try new tricks, practise routines, and generally have a lot of fun!

Alice6I scoop up my bag after putting my ropes in there and begin my short journey to my class, to drop off my bag.  Our four specialist lessons are Indonesian, Library, Music and Art. In Art we are doing Claymation, where we are planning a movie using clay as the characters. In roughly an hour later I have a finished planning. Afterwards we have brain break. Brain break is a time where we can eat fruit or vegetables as a healthy snack. It helps to keep our brains switched on.

Each class has devotions everyday where we read the Bible, sing songs and learn about Jesus. As a Christian school we believe that it is important to keep our faith alive. Today in our class we say the Lord’s Prayer, read about Jesus healing on the Sabbath and sing Amazing Grace.

Alice2For fitness we play a fantastic game of soccer and then the bell sounds. All deserting the soccer game, we walk back to the classroom to collect our recess. At recess I sit with my friends and we play a basketball based game on the hard play courts.

Next we read the class novel. For our class novel we are reading the book “Holes” by Louis Sachar. We are loving the book and find it hard to stop reading! The next lesson is Mathematics where we are looking at solving problems involving addition and subtraction of fractions with different denominators. Following on from mathematics we have Christian Studies where we are looking at the history of the Bible and so we watch a short documentary.

Alice3The bell goes and we all line up for the use of the toastie-machine and the microwave. In Year Seven we get special privileges where we have a microwave and toastie-machine. We also have leadership responsibilities in Year 7 that go along with these privileges!

After lunch we come back to the classroom and we have silent reading, writing and maths. I go and pick up my book, ‘The Hunger Games’, by Suzanne Collins. Then we have Unit of Inquiry where I  go and read about the Ancient Romans and their invention of concrete. A day in the life of a student at St Peters is full of so many different activities and challenges. My time at St Peters is nearly over and I feel it has set me up to be very successful in my next adventure…HIGH SCHOOL!!!

By Alice M (Year 7)

Alice5The IB Primary Years Programme encourages student voice. We have loved hearing Alice’s opinions and perspective on a typical day at St Peters Lutheran. We believe students have a voice and are included in making not only decision making about their learning, but also about how the school functions. We believe having control about their environment helps the students to feel free to inquire and learn in a way that they feel comfortable.   Alice4