A Boost to The Arts at St Peters Lutheran

Bronwyn WilsonLearning, Music, Special Events

This year at St Peters Lutheran, The Arts has been given a major boost! Added to the already existing Music and Visual Arts programme, we have included Media Arts, Dance and Drama (MADD) to the specialist subjects the students attend on a weekly basis.
The students are loving MADD and have been involved in drama games, writing and performing monologues, learning  dances such as the Macarena and the Nutbush, Theatre Sports, voice projection, articulation and much, much more!

A highlight of our Arts programme each year is the Music is Fun Band visiting. It is a display of The Arts at its very best, incorporating all the many aspects of The Arts the children learn about in their lessons.

There was colour and excitement as the Music is Fun Band started their show. The costumes and props are second to none and had the audience captivated in no time.

Walk the Dinosaur‘ was a crowd favourite with cavemen running madly across the chapel and a giant dinosaur appearing to the delight of the Receptions and Year Ones at the very front! No one knew whether the giant dinosaur would topple over and land in their laps or not!

Watching Miss Wilson and Mr Pearson strut their stuff with some fabulous Michael Jackson moves, whilst singing “Man in the Mirror” will be remembered for years to come, as we were all encouraged to reflect on the changes that we can make individually to make the world a better place.

The performance always concludes with an ‘all in’ dance party where the inevitable conga line emerges and students freestyle to a catchy tune. This year was no different and when the song “Hands up in the air” came on, we knew it was time to party!

The joy on the students’ faces and the chance to experience The Arts in this special way, helps to invigorate the students love for this area and also can spark an interest and desire to learn more for others.

In Term 4, we will be holding the St Peters Lutheran Arts Showcase, where the students will present what they have been working on to the school community! Stay tuned for more information on this.


How we express ourselves is one of the six Transdisciplinary Themes of the Primary Years Programme. It is an inquiry into the ways in which we discover and express ideas, feelings, nature, culture, beliefs and values; the ways in which we reflect on, extend and enjoy our creativity; our appreciation of the aesthetic. Music is a very large part of this transdisciplinary theme and the Music is Fun Band showed us one way of expressing our ideas, extending and enjoying our creativity and appreciating the aesthetic.