2020 -What a year!

Bronwyn WilsonAround the grounds, Faith in Action, Learning

As we come to the close of another school year, we bring to you the last edition of The Inside Story for 2020.

2020 has been a year like no other! We have been challenged and stretched in ways we would never have thought.

The following meme has been circulating social media of late:

So in retrospect, in 2015, not a single person got the right answer to, “Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?”

2020 has been an unexpected year and a year that a lot of people would like to forget. But instead of forgetting, let’s celebrate the good that has come from this year.

More time together as families, a simpler, less busy existence. A chance to reflect on what’s important in life. All good things to come from 2020.

As a school community we have changed quickly, embraced teachnology, grown together, shown kindness, been flexible and accommodating whilst still learning and growing together.

We look forward to bringing you ‘The Inside Story’ again in 2021 to give you more insights into our wonderful community. Have a blessed Christmas as we celebrate the birth of Jesus and a hopeful new year!

Bronwyn Wilson