Welcome to St Peters Lutheran with food!

Bronwyn WilsonParents and friends, Special Events

Welcomedin7The beginning of a new school year is always an exciting time, especially having the opportunity to welcome the new members of our school community! And nothing says welcome more than a 3-course candle lit mea
l with wine and excellent conversation.

This year we have gone back to the future and reinvigorated an old tradition here at St Peters.  In the past, during Term One, the parents of Year One children hosted a dinner for new parents to the school and all parents of Reception Students. This year, after an eight-year hiatus we dusted off that event and reworked it for a new and improved Welcome Dinner.

The results were delicious!Welcomedin2

Welcomedin4Parents are of course the prime educators of their children and as a school we recognise the
importance of developing and nurturing the family /school relationship which builds a positive and healthy community and ultimately enhances student well-being and learning.

At our school there are many ways that we seek to welcome new students, families and staff to our community. For our students there are formal transition programmes, all new students have a buddy to help them especially in the early days and weeks of starting, not to mention the many things Welcomedin9Wecomedin3teachers do in their classrooms to help students get to know one another and build an inclusive and cohesive learning environment. Staff receive formal orientation as well as being welcomed by our church community with a special service and meal early in the year. For our parents we hold information evenings and seek to connect new families with ‘old’ families through our Care programme run by the school chaplain. There are also other social gatherings for everyone, such as our Twilight Tea, hosted by the Parents and Friends, where as a community we come together for a relaxed evening of games and food.

Our Welcome Dinner is an opportunity for parents and staff to mix, mingle and share some wonderful food and wine in a relaxed atmosphere while their children are otherwise occupied. I would suggest that new friendships were formed and our community was enhanced through this event. Our Year One parents did an outstanding job of hosting our Welcome Dinner this year and have firmly put this event back on the calendar.

Welcomedin11   Welcomedin6

The Learner Profile is an integral part of the IB PYP programme at St Peters Lutheran. The 10 attributes of the Learner Profile describe what our students will be as they pursue lifelong learning. We also use the attributes across the whole community with staff, visitors and parents. The New Parents Dinner was a great chance to discuss how new parents at the school can embody the Learner Profile.