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So, how would one describe what Pedal Prix is?

…”it’s riding a bike laying down!” … sort of but not quite, as it has two wheels at the front and one at the back …”it’s a go kart!”… nearly but not exactly it either. I guess the official description of a “human powered vehicle” (HPV) really fits the bill.

St Peter’s HPV is named Blue Saint and we think it’s rather special. This racing machine comes with its own pit and catering crew (ok … read that as parents) who do a marvellous job of supporting our Yr 6 and 7 riders through two 6 hour races at the Victoria Park track in the city and a ‘road trip’ to Murray Bridge for a 24 hour day/night race experience. These races are professionally done, with pace cars, live audio and video streaming of the races and electronic timing. To add to the excitement, our Primary School (Category 1) riders race with High School students and an Open Adult category.

Throughout all these races, our determined riders attempt to place as highly as they possibly can by ‘human powering’ Blue Saint for as long and as fast as they can during their track sessions. We can be proud of their efforts as we do extremely well in our category for a small school and a team of only 8 – 9 riders.

Race 1 – Sunday 14 June 2015 (Lap Distance 1.354km)

102 laps, 138.1 km’s distance.
Category 1 Position: 20 of 62
Overall Position: 125 of 183

Race 2 – Sunday 26 July 2015 (Lap Distance 1.354km)

85 laps,  115.1 km’s distance.
Category 1 Position: 48 of 67
Overall Position: 161 of 187

Race 3 –Saturday/Sunday 19, 20 Sept 2015 (Lap Distance 2.061km)

242 laps, 498.76 km’s distance
Category 1 Position: 32 of 67
Overall Position: 171 of 216

Throughout all of our practice sessions and during race days, all of our riders continually improved on personal best times and the physical and sporting performances achieved were great, but that’s not entirely what Pedal Prix is about either.

Pedal Prix is about students, staff, parents and friends working together collaboratively for a common goal. Developing skills in mental strength, commitment, determination, team spirit and camaraderie to name but a few. But without doubt, it’s about the buzz and excitement when all the hard work and effort in training gets propelled forward as the green light flares and 225 HPV’s blast forward to the cry of “We’re Racing!”

Thanks to all the our riders, we are really proud of your efforts:  Ben P, Isabella A, Kyle G, William H, Chris E, Dustin G, Jaylia R, Harry P, Liam H and Nikolas G – Pedal Prix Team 2015.

Bo Gacic
2015 Team Manager

[Taken from Our Year 2015, St Peters Lutheran School Yearbook]