Investigating light in Years Four and Five

Bronwyn WilsonLearning, Special Events

This term, we have been investigating what light is, how to make it and how to make it behave in different ways.  A highlight has been meeting a real scientist who set our minds buzzing with his workshop on ‘The Light Fantastic’.  It was a wonderful opportunity to use a primary resource to answer all our questions!

We found out that light is a really strange form of energy (particles AND waves) and that it is the universe’s ultimate speed limit.  We loved exploring the two ‘R’s (reflection and refraction – also known as the two ‘B’s, bouncing and bending) and diffraction gratings.  We learned about Newton’s intriguing work; how colours are made by emission and absorption; and how fluorescence and phosphorence work.

We’ve also investigated the Sun and how it essentially powers everything on Earth – including us!  Soon we will be using the Scientific Process to investigate, record and discuss our individual inquiries into light and its impact on us.