Grandparents’ and Special Friends’ Day

Bronwyn WilsonLearning, Parents and friends, Special Events

GPSF10How wonderful to have the opportunity a fortnight ago to celebrate the relationship between seniors and juniors! The whole school (led by the Year Sevens) had worked hard to prepare a beautiful day that ran smoothly and provided opportunities for sharing love, learning and teaching.
We shared Coding, Choir, Action-Based Learning, SingiGPSF7ng, Skipping Squad, Indonesian Singing, Yr 7 Music Ensemble, Canberra Presentation, Dance Group, Cheer Squad and Whole School Singing. An extra special time was the opportunity to have a shared lunch together with a Sausage Sizzle prepared be the Parents and Friends. Despite some heart stopping hiccups like a smashed ocarina and a snapped ukulele at most inconvenient times, the students improvised and problem solved like with cool heads and inventive
thinking. What a great day!
GPSF9Grandparents’ Day and Special Friends’ Day is a special day to honour older people. There are many reasons why we value these relationships so highly. When children learn about the experiences of war, displacement, migration, loss of family, economic crises and global turmGPSF5oil that older people have experienced, it helps children learn resilience, enables them to put their own worries into perspective, to be optimistic and to know that sad times do not last forever. When children learn about the problems solved and the technologies invented by the older generations they learn to appreciate the creativity that continues to be needed into our future and to see problem-solvers as real people, which in turn, helps them see themselves in that role. When children develop strong, loving relationships with older people, it enables them to grow into people who are less ego-centric; who become more appreciative of different perspectives. Children learn how to care for others with different needs to their own and of course they expand their own understanding and skills by learning from those who have more knowledge!