Connect, Grow and Flourish…Well-being at St Peters Lutheran and beyond!

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Well-being is alive and flourishing at St Peters Lutheran. Our programme focusses on bringing wholeness and wellness through connecting and engaging with people within a supporting and loving Christian community. It’s also a lot of fun!

wellbeing5In very broad terms, well-being can be described as the quality of a person’s life. Schools, in partnership with families, have a pivotal role in connecting character development in children to individual and collective wellbeing, which in the longer term shapes the values and attitudes of the society in which they live. As a result, well-being programmes in schools are quickly becoming a very high priority.

Shalom is the Hebrew word for ‘bringing wholeness’, a word that the St Peters Lutheran School Chaplain uses to describe her work in this area. “Our aim is not to fix, rather to help people find wholeness by engaging and connecting with others,” said Mrs Gregory. “At St Peters we have various programmes in place designed to do just that – promote connectedness and engagement for the children so that they can experience positive emotions, meaning and growth. One of the main methods we use is role-playing scenarios. It’s so much fun and the children are able to role-play life situations before they actually occur. This gives them a sense of confidence and value.” The student and parent comments speak for themselves!

wellbeing2“Well, I enjoy spending time with her because Mrs Gregory is really fun and I like learning how to greet people.” – Jaiden S (student)

“We get to play fun games and learn how to say goodbye properly. If you don’t say goodbye they might think you’re a rude person! “ – Nicholas V (student)

“Tool box parenting is an inspiring 6 week journey of learning about twellbeing3he importance of forgiveness, acceptance, gratitude, laughter and love within a family and within yourself as a parent. This was an invaluable experience I had the privilege of sharing with others.” – Mel (parent)

At St Peters Lutheran, developing well-being is also fostered by giving the children a voice, encouraging active learning and ultimately developing strong character qualities that will enable them to grow and flourish and contribute positively throughout life.

The school runs various programmes such as Seasons for Growth, Tool Box Parenting, What’s the Buzz? and a comprehensive class support programme which aims to find points of connection between parents to build the wider school community. For more information about these programmes or any other inquiries, please contact the school during office hours.

wellbeing4The well-being programme at St Peters is a part of a wider values curriculum which includes the PYP Learner Profile and Attitudes. Students at St Peters are continually learning about dispositions that are expressions of fundamental values, beliefs, feelings the environment and people.  Words like balanced, reflective, curiosity and empathy are words that are heard in our classrooms as we endeavour to promote well-being and international mindedness!