The Truth About Dinosaurs!

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St Peters Lutheran School offers a wonderfully broad and diverse curriculum that allows students to use creativity, critical thinking and extend their areas of interest. In past Inside Stories w e have followed the journeys of various old scholars and in this week’s edition we focus on a past student that has excelled in one of  his areas of interest. We … Read More

Sports Day – Fun for all

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After a fabulous day full of energy and excitement it is nice to reflect on Sports Day and appreciate why it is set out the way it is.  Sports Day is a great day for students to explore their body’s capabilities, experience being part of a team and learn more about themselves. For the majority of people it is a … Read More

Mathematics – Discovering The Science of Beautiful Pattern

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At St Peters we help our students to see Mathematics has a subject which searches for, studies and describes pattern.  Making sense of mathematics relies on an understanding of the patterns which underlie it. By seeking patterns, students are building knowledge as well as learning to function in a mathematical way.  “Pattern is not a topic but rather a process … Read More