St Peters is an Early Learning to Year 7 school built on the foundations established over 175 years of education by the schools of the Lutheran Church of Australia.

Our children’s education …in and out of the classroom… is a very important responsibility both for parents and the school. Our aim is to provide quality education, including the teaching of sound Christian values, in a caring environment which supports and encourages students as individuals and ultimately helps to prepare them for life beyond school.

The curriculum offered at St Peters is designed to promote healthy growth in all aspects of our students’ lives. We want our students to develop a strong and positive sense of self, to be prepared to meet the challenges they will face with confidence and a have broad repertoire of well developed skills and abilities in all aspects of their being. We believe that in this way our students will be well equipped to participate in and serve the community.

Our approach to teaching and learning is based on the understanding that students learn best through experience informed at school by social interaction, with teachers and other students. We believe that it is vital for students to have a sense of power and control over their own learning. We emphasise key competencies, stimulate thinking skills, and utilise technology in order to create a challenging, self-motivating and enjoyable learning environment.

Our students engage in challenging and stimulating activities.
They have a lot of fun, but they work hard.
A successful learner graduating from St Peters Lutheran School will be:

  • Skilled to work cooperatively, collaboratively and individually
  • A good communicator
  • Flexible, so able to embrace change
  • An active learner
  • A life-long learner

At St Peters we offer an education designed to last a life-time.

I look forward to meeting you and your family.

Mark Rathjen – Principal