St Peters Lutheran Church congregation has sought to share the love of God in Christ with the general community through the establishment and administration of a school.

Chapel Services

At St Peters the gospel of God’s love in Christ is proclaimed in the chapel services held each Friday. This is also an opportunity to foster a sense of community in the school, to reflect on issues that concern the children, and to seek direction and guidance on these issues from God’s word. Through the chapel services we seek to build up the school community, to encourage it, and so promote a greater sense of well-being and belonging. Children enjoy chapel and love participating in the dramas, sacred dance and exchanges that occur there.

Teaching and Learning

The gospel is also proclaimed in the classroom every day and God’s love is shown in the way teachers value and care for their students. Students have a say in the decisions that affect their learning and the curriculum is delivered in a way that recognises the differing abilities and individuality of the students. Our teachers have a strong sense of vocation, working creatively to provide an independent learning environment. Such environments are not just beneficial for the personal development of the children but also aid their faith and moral development.

The Church

The school has contact with a living faith community through worshipping together once a term with St Peters congregation. Children enjoy their role and participation in these services and the congregation finds these services enlivening and enjoyable. Some members of the school community also participate in the congregational activities such as the playgroup and other junior youth activities. Visit the St Peters Lutheran Church website at

Pastor Ben Pfeiffer