The staff at St Peters live and breathe the school mission of encouraging students to become global citizens, responsible adults and life-long learners.

Dedicated practising Christians, they are committed, highly qualified — with both state required qualifications and theological training for teaching in a Lutheran School — and passionate about their work. All staff regularly undertake professional development to ensure that teaching, learning support and administrational practices are always of the highest standards and the most current thinking.

Staff reflect the loving attitude nurtured as part of our school culture in their genuine care and concern for each child’s intellectual, emotional and spiritual growth. The positive relationships that develop between students, staff and parents remain long after your child graduates.

Mr Mark Rathjen

Miss Bronwyn Wilson
PYP Coordinator/Resource Centre Manager

Mrs Diana Gaskell
Director, Early Learning Centre

Mrs Deb Bahnisch
Enrolments Officer/School Secretary

Mrs Liz Bird
Learning Support Officer

Mr Trevor Burmeister
Teacher/ICT key teacher

Mrs Emma Clarke
Early Childhood Worker

Mrs Claire Derrington

Mr Matt Eldridge

Miss Rebecca Geue

Mrs Angela Graetz
Learning Support Officer

Mrs Ros Green
Learning Support Officer

Mrs Nona Gregory

Mrs Mary-Ann Mickan
Learning Support Officer

Mrs Andrea Rathjen

Mrs Barbara Rohde
Early Learning Centre/SPLOSHC Accounts

Miss Heidi Schutz

Not pictured:

Mrs Sharon Smith – Library Assistant
Mrs Samantha Smith – Administration Officer
Mrs Kathryn Watkins – Teacher
Mrs Karen Howell – Business Manager
Mrs Penny Rawinski – PE Key Teacher
Mrs Sarah Smith – Learning Support Coordinator
Mrs Belinda Fox – Teacher
Mrs Petria Low – Teacher
Mr Chris Smith – Maintenance/Groundsman
Mrs Anne Dangerfield – Learning Support Officer
Ms Lauran Clayton – Teacher
Ms Leanne Schulz – Teacher
Mrs Megan Thomas – Indonesian Teacher