A ‘Child’s Eye’ view of learning!

Bronwyn WilsonLearning, Parents and friends

slc1Is there any better way to find out what is happening at school with students than for them to tell you directly? From their very own perspective? Welcome to Student Led Conferences at St Peters Lutheran! Each year at the end of Term 3, all of the students from ELC- Year 7 embark on a journey of reflection, culminating in a time of celebration in the classroom focussing on the terms work, strengths, goals and improvements for the rest of the year.

Student Led Conferences are a unique opportunity for the children to lead the reporting process. Throughout the process the students show a greater responsibility for their own learning and demonstrate their ability to communicate their own learning. The skills developed while preparing and conducting the conference are transdisciplinary and useful for many different areas of life.

slc2Throughout the journey, the students are:

  • engaging in the process of self-evaluation
  • demonstrating the qualities of the IB Learner Profile
  • developing organisational skills
  • developing greater self-confidence
  • involved in selection of work to show parents and to identify points of strength as well as areas for further development

What a fabulous set of skills and processes they are refining!

Whilst Student Led Conferences are occurring at the school, students and parents are engaging in open, honest and learning-focused discussions. Parents are provided with a clear insight into the kind of work their child is engaged in and an opportunity for them to discuss it with them. It’s wonderful to see and hear the students talking and reflecting not only their academic learning, but also their social, emotional and spiritual well being at school. Parents also become active in the conference as interactive and collaborative learning occurs throughout, including mini debates with child and parent taking opposite sides and measuring each other to demonstrate numeracy outcomes!

slc3Student Led Conferences are great because we get the chance for the parents to come to our classroom and actually see what we do in our time at school. Then our parents see how we’re learning and how they can help us out.” Heath, Year 6

“We get to talk to our parents about our learning, not just hearing from the teacher. This is great because the parents like hearing what we think.” Zoe, Year 6

“SLC’s give the parents a chance to spend 30 minutes in the classroom and see how we are going with our work.” Cameron, Year 6

The Primary Years Programme values assessment and recording highly within its framework. Reporting on assessment is communicating what students know, understand and can do. Student Led Conferences are just one form of reporting that occur in IB PYP Schools. Other reporting methods include – Teacher/Student, Teacher/Parent, and Three way conferences.